Why Others Have More Free Instagram Likes and Followers Than You?

News 03:07 July 2020:

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In reality, you can’t simply disregard the power of one of the most recognized social media networks today – Instagram! This is deemed as a social media giant and a fascinating site for brands and businesses to engage and link with their followers to bolster sales and be recognized not only locally but also worldwide.

However, for every enterprise or user who has a huge, contemplative following, there are countless more that don’t. Indeed, IG could be omnipotent, but users have to be clever when it comes to using it.

How to properly use Instagram to boost the number of your free Instagram likes, comments and followers?

         Like Pictures

Bear in mind that IG is a social platform which makes it quite indispensable to engage with other users. So, in order to attain more audience, begin through liking numerous photos in your market so that you could people engrossed in following you back.

Aside from this, consider leaving comments. However, always see to it that your comments aren’t spammy and are sincere. You may follow other accounts that you also like.

         Share Attention-grabbing Photos

IG is a site where photo and video sharing is rampant. This simply means to say that in order for you to stand out, make sure that the photos and videos you share are of high quality and high resolution and have something good to tell. Of course, you want more audience to see that your posts are excellent to become worth-following.

Alternatively, it helps to post content that is engrossing, and images that are captivating and well-composed.

         Connect to other social media platforms.

If you have audience on other social media sites such as Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook, consider inviting those followers on your IG. Remember the importance of making it easy for people to link with you in several sites.

         Host a Content

It is wonderful to post an impressive image to your IG account and offer a prize to an audience who can guess the appropriate or most captivating caption. There are various apps that you can use to run your contest such as AgoraPulse, WishPond and Heyo.

         Never ever ignore timing your pictures and videos right.

Studies reveal that the most appropriate period to post on IG is around 5 pm. This might or might not be precise for your page. Hinged on your niche, the demographics of your audience and other factors particular to your content and niche, a certain day of the week may or may not be a good day for you. So, that said, unveiling the most suitable period for your followers takes time to learn – it is highly advised to monitor the likes as well as comments on each image or video, then begin searching for any trends taking place on different periods of the day.

As you can see, once you connect with your followers not only on IG but on other social networks, if you know the best time to post and capable of posting high quality images, videos and contents, you can double the number of your free Instagram likes, comments and followers!

Why Instagram is Number 1 and Why it Matters to Gain Free Instagram Likes?

Since the year 2010, Instagram has proved to be the most rapidly expanding social media network available. With millions of user base, IG has uncovered new techniques of sharing contents, images and videos across its platform and makes it users delight in its features even more continuously as compared to other platforms out there.

Over and above, there are various out-of-the-ordinary facts why more and more social media users are so into Instagram as compared to other social platforms available. Here are some facts that will certainly get you delighted:

         There are more than six hundred million active users on a monthly basis.

         Roughly a total of 40 billion images have been shared on this social media network.

         About 30% of Internet users between ages 18 to 29 are on IG.

         4.2 billion people like videos and photos on IG on a daily basis.

         Approximately 8% of brands employ IG, and it is anticipated to increase more than 70% for the coming year.

Now, let’s jump to the different reasons why different brands including nonprofits are switching to IG and why it is substantial to increase the number of free Instagram likes:

         Users can create ads or sponsor their posts to their target followers, and this aids them expand the number of the right audiences and encourage them to get engaged with them and be involved in them causes or advocacy.

         It is possible to easily upload as many as ten images or videos into one content or post – this implies that as an IG user if you lure other users’ attention with your primary photo, they will take a few more time to browse through your other photos and videos.

Such facts and reasons about Instagram are truly exceptional tool for nonprofits and other fields who wish to grow their base or current niche. Through creating visual stories, it is a lot effortless to encourage other people to join you in your advocacy, be involved in meaningful causes and matters, make your brand recognized and even promote yourself or company.

To boot, with the right choice of hashtags and captions to your images and videos, you can immediately magnify your follower base on a weekly basis. Hence, reaching out to possible supporters and customers both locally and internationally is no longer a pain in the ass.

Now that you have learned more about the edge of Instagram over other social media platforms, it will also be clear with you why it is critical to improve the number of your free Instagram likes, comments and followers. In reality, the obvious reason for this is that the more likes, comments and followers you have the more it becomes extra easier for you to lure other Instagram users to notice you and follow you back.

When you become easily recognized, you get batter chances of reaching out to as many people as possible, thus making your circle wider and making yourself closer and more exposed to various opportunities available.